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Is there a course etiquette?

The course requires one person per element and no more than three on any platform. No gum chewing or smoking, and we ask you to refrain from general horseplay when you’re harnessed. We like for [...]

Do I need to climb with my children?

We strongly encourage parents to join in the fun!  This is a great bonding experience to be shared with your children.   Please visit our Courses & Elements page for more information.  There are some courses [...]

Are you open rain or shine?

Yes!  Edge Adventures is safe in the rain.  By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to our weather policy as follows: In the event of extreme weather (thunder/lightning, high winds) the course may be temporarily [...]

What should we wear?

Very casual. But leave your flip flops at home in favor of closed-toe shoes, tame longer hair in a ponytail, and wear pants that accommodate a climbing harness.

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